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Used Tea Bags could be useful

Used Tea Bags could be useful in various ways. After all, tea is something many people like and enjoy. And one of the big consequences of this are tea nags, lots of tea bags, which, until today, were mostly thrown away. Discover some of the useful things you could do with them

Used Tea Bags could be useful - Daily Boons
Do not throw away your used tea bags until you try one of these …

Absorb smells

If your hands have recently been in contact with onions or garlic, and are odorly affected by this, just rub a couple of tea bags over them, and fall back in love with your hands.

The effect will be also striking after boiling a couple of bags together with a cinnamonstick. A smooth and inviting perfume will take over the smell in your house.

Cleaner nails

Obtain whiter an cleaner nails by applying the following process

  • take a recipient
  • fill it with enough warm water. The water should be enough for you to dive your hands within
  • add a couple of used bags. For better results, opt for bags of the same type of tea (we prefer lemon teas)
  • add a pinch of baking soda (of course!)
  • soak both hands in the recipient for a couple of minutes
  • put sunglasses and watch your nails 🙂

Please, note that this is also possible for feet nails.

Soft skin

Add more softness and smoothness to your skin easily. Just add few used tea bags in your bath, and take your bath as usual. An usual thing will happen: your skin will be rejuvenated!