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Zest and grate the easy, comfortable way to great food with these smart MultiFunction Graters. Featuring specially etched stainless steel grates, ergonomic non-slip handles, and a sleek design, these are the graters of the truly modern home.

Easy to use

Grating and zesting like a pro. Make grating and zesting easy, quick, and even satisfying! It’s all thanks to the specially etched stainless steel surface. Now you can breeze through citrus fruits, cheese, giner, chocolates, garlic, and more without the strain you put into normal graters.

Ergonomic handles

Non-slip soft handles that serve to cushion the hands make grating and zesting comfortable and not taxing! They’re easy to handle and maneuver, providing you a sure grip and ton of control in handling your food.

A breeze to clean

Metal teeth won’t clog up when grating food, making cleaning easy! Simply wash with soapy water and rinse. Pop it into your dishwasher for an even more thorough and easier cleaning! Grating surfaces are made of high-quality, lead-free and corrosion/rust-resistant stainless steel.

A variety of styles

Choose from a grater, slicer/flaker, a zester, or the complete set to truly expand your culinary arsenal. Use to top off desserts, add zest to dishes, and inject flavor into food.

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