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Prepare Your Bike For Spring

After a sometimes harsch winter, it’s time for you to remove your bike from its storage. In order to prepare your bike for spring, these are some of the things you might do

Free your Bike from the Dark Side 😀

Show Some Love

After a couple of weeks spent in the basement (or on Jupiter :-)), you should probably start by showing some love to your bicycle. After bringing it back to plain light, you could start with a full cleaning. A wet clothe would be perfect to remove dust and other particles, while using some degreaser to clean off the chain, chainrings and jockey wheels would be more appropriate.

This initial cleaning could reveal interesting things ont the real state of your companion.

Check Tires and Wheels

The things you’ll be looking at are tire pressure and eventual spokes around the wheels. One thing you should know is that all bikes tires lose air pressure if they sit for awhile, so it’s likely you’ll need to add air. This principle also applies to balls of all sort 😀

Check Tires and Wheels

Stick to the tire manufacturer’s recommended pressure level. Any quality air pump should be good to go, even a mini one.

Check Brake Levers and Pads

Check Brake Levers and Pads

Brakes are a vital component of all bikes because they provide control over the speed you travel. They also allow the biker to maneuver while turning, riding up and down hills and avoiding debris or other obstacles.

A poor braking system could lead to loss of control while riding, which could lead to accidents and serious injury. If you conclude that your brakes are not working properly, then do not ride your bike; take it to a bike shop to be repaired.

To check their state, you could Pull on your brake levers and make sure they engage both sides of the brake pads on each wheel. If the pull on the lever is too long, unscrew the barrel adjuster a few turns and test it. The brakes should not stick and should fully stop the wheel in motion.

The length of your brake pads should press against your rim when activated, and they should not wiggle or be loose.

Check the cables

Inspect the cable and surrounding rubber housing for cracks, crimps, rust, dirt and looseness. If you find nicks or fraying replace the cable. If they are stretched, tighten them. Consider lubing your cables with a few drops of chain lube to keep them sliding smoothly.

Check the Cables

Add Oil Lubricant

Lube can reduce accumulation of dirt and grime, which helps increase performance of the moving parts. So, Apply lubricant evenly to the chain while slowly rotating the pedals in a counterclockwise direction. Remember to wipe off any excess oil with a clean, dry rag, especially on the chain.

Add Oil Lubricant

These are the mains things to do. But you shouldn’t neglect things such as

  • making sure your headset is properly set and tightened
  • checking/adjusting your seat. If you have a Child Carrier, consider also securing it properly
  • checking the safety gear

Most of these steps are relatively simple to carry on. But take no chance. If you’re not comfortable, if you do not have enough time, please, consider taking the services of a professional bike shop tuner. Your life and wellbeing are worth it!

Good ride!