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How To Prevent Fog on Car Windows

Nobody (we assume) likes driving when the car windshield and windows are constantly fogging up. Today, we’re going to see a couple of DIY options which can help you mitigate these types of issues, especially during cold seasons.

Most new or recent cars have systems which will allow you to prevent your windows from fogging. At least, they will help you reduce it. You can also buy some products in specialized retail stores which might have similar effects. But on Daily Boons, we’re going to focus on DIY methods and see How To Prevent Fog on Car Windows.

Where does fog come?

Car Windows and windshield fog up on the inside when warm, moist air in the car meets colder glass surfaces, causing condensation. And in cold seasons, letting the moisture out is hard, since most of time, windows remain closed. When you add the breath of passengers to other various particles, you get excellent conditions to allow fog to form.

What can we do by ourselves?

Here are some simple tips to help you prevent car fogs.

Keep It Clean

Oil, dust, breathe are just some of the things that keeps on accumulating on windows, giving water vapour more surface area on which to hold. Having clean glasses, both inside and outside will reduce significantly the gogging factor, by making it longer for steam to build up.

Apply specific products on your Windows

Cleaning windows with common cleaning products will help, but there are actually some products which will be more efficient than others.

These include for instance:

  • shaving cream
  • toothpastes

Install an external and portable Car Heater

If your car already have a working built-in car heater, then this might be relevant. But in most other cases, this will be extremely profitable. In addition to keeping your car warm, it will also prevent fog form building up on the windshield and car windows, without draining too much power from your battery.