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Being shocked by the Car Door: How to prevent static shocks

Have you ever experienced this very unpleasant feeling when opening a metallic door, or your car’s door? As soon as your hand makes contact with the handle, you receive a very brief, but so uncomfortable static shock.

But Why me?

For this to happen, some conditions are necessary, such as
• a dry climate
• friction between different types of fabrics, leading to an exchange of electricity (simply put)

This ultimately results in static shocks, since the charges of your skin and the ones of your clothes are different. Please, note that some fabrics, such as wool, silk or flannel scarves can lead more often to these injections of power 🙂

No longer!

To avoid this, you should simply try to avoir or reduce the propension of your clothes to get charged. And for that, here are some quick solutions

  • Avoid high shock potential fabrics: This one is a little bit radical, as many workarounds are possible. But still. You could simply get rid of all clothes made in silk, wool or flannel scarves. Avoid also fleece or other synthetic materials similar in static factor.
  • Get rubber soled shoes. This will particularly reduce shocks when dealing with your car doors
  • Put any metal object in contact with your clothes, as almost instantly it will help get rid of static cling. The simplest avenues here are paper clips or metal hangers
  • Make an anti-static spray: You can either use diluted fabric softener or make a spray with witch hazel and lavender essential oil (for fragrance), or simply spray water on it. All of them will do the trick
  • When you exit the car, grip the metal frame of the door for a couple of seconds before you let your feet touch the ground. This is because the static charge is balanced when you’re still seated, and when you get up the charge of your clothing doesn’t have the opposite charge to hold it where it is. Apparently, having your hand on the car frame when you get up lets it discharge more slowly.