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5 things you should not do while washing clothes!

The washers and dryers are now part of our daily lives. Whether at home or in common centers, they are used regularly to enhance the brilliance of our appearances. But some of our habits are not always optimal. Here are 5 things you can not do if you care about clothes and appliances.

Keep zippers closed on your clothes

Keep zippers closed on your clothes - Daily Boons

Indeed, the zippers, in contact with the walls, can make noise or even damage the porthole, not to mention the fact that they can hang and damage other clothes. Make sure they are all closed before putting them in the machine.

Unbutton all the clothes.

Unlike closures, buttoned clothing must be open. If they remain closed, they may damage the buttons or tear your clothes under pressure. Yes, it may take a little longer in the brews, but it’s worth it.

Clean conscientiously

This step is less obvious, because we tend to worry only about clothes. But if your washer is poorly maintained, sooner or later, your clothes will be too. Remember to always empty the garbage filter between each use of the dryer. Under certain conditions, the accumulation of this waste, along with heat, could cause a fire!

Methodically select and sort clothes before washing them

Methodically select and sort clothes before washing them - Daily Boons

You can do several sorting operations. The more you do, the better. For example, you can separate light clothes from dark clothes. But more than that, it would be nice to

  • wash the sheets separately, instead of washing several at a time. Indeed, they may mix, twist, and ultimately, not be well washed
  • Separate clothes by level or gravity of dirt: the least dirty together, the toughest together also
  • group clothing by category: socks together, towels together, shirts in a box, and so on.
  • As for really dirty clothes, you could decide to give them preferential treatment, by washing them with the force of your hands 🙂

Optimize the dryer

Unless you still have your clothes on the day before you wear them, you may not want to always use your washer. Indeed, in addition to the noise they can make, there is also the power consumption they generate.

Optimize the dryer - Daily Boons

To optimize them,

  • do not overload them. This allows the heat to be more efficient and better reach the clothes, in less time
  • It is not very important to leave clothes not completely dry when getting out of the machine, as long as they are allowed to dry on a clothesline. In addition to saving power, this will keep them less wrinkled.

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