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5 Simple Tips to Optimize Your Brain

The brain is one of the main organs of our body. A real control tower that analyzes information of any kind, helps us make decisions, and manages orders to several other bodies. It is therefore important to maintain as much as possible functional on the one hand, but effective on the other hand. There are as often advanced techniques, but often artificial to arrive at such results. Fortunately, nature does things well. Because simple tips to optimize your brain, there are some!

Drink enough. Drink regularly. Drink consciously.

Boire suffisamment. Boire régulièrement. Boire consciemment. - Drink enough. Drink regularly. Drink consciously.

Water occupies a special place in our lives, including in our brains. And sometimes it’s pretty radical: do not drink enough (water, not vodka or champagne or fruit juice)

  • reduces the size of the brain
  • slows down its reactions and its functioning
  • the aging of several weeks, even months!

In other words, if you do not drink enough or regularly, you get older (at least in the brain), and you become less good!

The simple trick: Drink, drink, drink. It can never be repeated enough. For some, it is a chore. But if you want to keep fishing a little longer, think twice now.

Just drink. Not necessarily in large quantities each time, but regularly. Something else. If you wait until you are thirsty to drink, then you hurt yourself. Because when you feel thirsty, it’s already been a few moments since your body was dehydrated. To prevent this from happening, you can consciously submit to a routine of 2 sips of water every 10 minutes.

Eat healthy. Eat vitamin B12.

Manger équilibré. Manger vitaminé B12. - Eat healthy. Eat vitamin B12.

Diet plays an equally important role in brain health. Balanced meals will certainly not hurt you. That said, some of the vitamins have a stimulating effect on our central tower. These are the B vitamins, and more specifically the B9 and B12.

They are found in foods such as the beloved fish, milk, meat, among others.

Sleep properly.

Dormir convenablement. - Sleep properly.

Our societies seem to have among their ultimate goals to be able to turn the night into a day. Light sources, activities, stimuli, all contribute directly or indirectly to reducing the quantity and quality of our sleep. One of the main victims of this system? Our brain, which will have trouble recovering, resting, or fixing information in a sustainable way. In the medium / long term, it is the cognitive functions that could pay the price.

The solutions? It depends a lot on your current situation. But as far as possible

  • avoid sources of blue light in the immediate sleeping environment (aka no screen in the room, not even the mobile phone / alarm clock)
  • sleep before midnight
  • sleep 6 to 8 hours of sleep (more is better)
  • take naps during the day
  • meditate before sleeping

Exercise regularly

Faire de l’exercice physique régulièrement - Exercise regularly

Regular physical activity stimulates, according to its nature, the formation of brain cells! In other words, doing sports rejuvenates your brain, or rather stimulates it. Fortunately, there is a choice among physical activities. Finding one to your taste should not be insurmountable.

Learn new languages

Apprendre de nouvelles langues - Learn new languages

In addition to being a potentially useful skill for career or business, or simply human relationships, learning new languages ​​can prove to be a source of additional stimulation for the brain. Indeed, when discovering a new language, a wider spectrum of the brain is involved, and this contributes to its active revitalization.

If you already know some of them, you might just add others to your arsenal, or regularly practice the ones you already have.

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