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5 Benefits Of Lemon Water

Water is one of the best friends of living beings. When combined with lemon, this can promote many good things in your body.

Better Hydration

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The best way to stay hydrated, especially in hot weather, is to drink. Not necessarily a lot, but regularly. Some water. No champagne or fruit juice. No, water. The concern is that some people find the water … ordinary. A little lemony flavor can in such cases bring some color to this very important routine for the health of your organs.

To evaluate your water intake, simply check the color of your urine. If they are dark yellow, then you are full of toxins, and there is not enough water in you. If on the contrary they are clear, then bravo, you have good amounts of water. Continue your momentum.

Solid Supplements

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Citrus fruits in general are exceptional suppliers of vitamin C. This is the case of lemon. It can be as effective as an orange, fewer calories! In addition to this significant intake, lemons can help raise the level of potassium in the body. A whole program, for such a banal citrus. Indeed, potassium promotes the free and good flow of electricity in your body. Yes, you read correctly. You have electricity flowing through your body. Vitamin C, for its part, is a venerable antioxidant that enhances the protection of our cells.

Clearly, with lemon water from time to time, give you a super heroic dimension to your body. Nothing less! This protection can be manifested by better prevention of infections, especially the most prevalent colds, flu, among others.

Optimized Digestion

Optimized Digestion - Daily Boons

Lemon is acidic. This acidity, sometimes unpleasant to the mouth, is an advantage for your digestion because in the stomach, they help the acid of the stomach to better break down food.

In addition, lemon water can be a good ally in the fight against weight gain. Indeed, lemon contains a substance called polyphenol that can help reduce appetite.

Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth - Daily Boons

Without being drastically radical, vitamin C found in lemon would be good for the skin. A consequent intake of vitamin C could combat the development of wrinkles.

Fresher Breath

Fresher Breath - Daily Boons

The bacteria responsible for bad breath can be overcome thanks to the aromas contained in the lemon. Be careful, however, as excess lemon may also affect the strength of your dentition.

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