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4 effective ways to stay cool despite the heat

For those who live in countries where winters are long or harsh, seeing summer arrive is an immense joy. However, we have known for some time sometimes extremes. More and more summer are hot and we record more heat waves. In such conditions, having an air conditioner at home can be beneficial. But how to do it in case we do not have one or can not have one? Here are some simple but effective small actions.

Use your appliances during periods of freshness

Heat your appliances during periods of freshness - Daily Boons

Many household appliances emit large amounts of heat. Using them at the height of the heat wave in your home will not do you any good. On the contrary, try to make them leave in the evening, when the temperatures are milder.

Refresh and save

Refresh and save - Daily Boons

We live in an extremely bright time. And some of these light sources, incandescent bulbs, are energy-intensive, and rich in heat diffusion. Thanks to the technological progress, it is possible today to have sources as bright and powerful, but for a less electric consumption, and diffusion less extreme of heat.

Insulate glass doors and windows

Insulate glass doors and windows - Daily Boons

We often talk about insulation for periods of cold. But the opposite and also true. Indeed, there are films with the ability to reduce or even prevent people outside to see inside your rooms, while allowing you to see without worry outside. A little like ice cream without complexion. But in addition, it will also reduce temperature differences between inside and outside. Because do not forget, what is often the most embarrassing, it is more the difference of temperature felt by the organisms.

Optimize the use of fans

Optimize the use of fans - Daily Boons

The main role of fans is to promote the movement of air masses, whether hot or cold. In other words, if you turn on a fan in a room where the air is hot, you could put oil on the fire.

It is therefore important to position your fans optimally in order to benefit from the fresh air.

  • For example, you can position the fan near a window or a cooler part of the house.
  • Another clever example: position between the fan and you a large bowl of ice. Thus, the fan will diffuse into the room the fresh (icy) air of the bowl. In hot weather, it cools well.
  • And if you are using a ceiling fan, see how to program it so that it can turn counterclockwise. So, it will push the cool air down.

Enjoy your summer.

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