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3 Simple ways to keep your glasses clean

Keeping your glasses clean, when you need to wear them constantly, is probably one of the most tedious things to live with. Dirt, dust, fingerprints, scratches and many other things are there to pollute your sight.

Very often, to get rid of this, one might just use whatever shirt or clothe at hand to remove those particles. Unfortunately, this leads to lenses more damaged.

Today, let’s look at 3 simple ways to get your lenses clean and scratch-free.

Liquid Soap

Just a small amount applied to your glasses can clean both lenses and frames and leave them clean and ready for use. Indeed, liquid soap will not only clean through the food and grease on your dinner plates. It will also take good care of your lenses, removing efficiently oily fingerprints and smudges from your glasses.

Keep Your Glasses Clean - Liquid Soap

Please, just make sure that your soap is free of alcohol, vinegar, bleach and ammonia as these substances can discolor lenses and damage anti-glare or scratch-resistance coatings.

Shaving Foam

Keep Your Glasses Clean - Shaving Foam
When Shaving Foam can save your Sight!!!

Cleaning your glasses with shaving foam creates a protective layer on your lenses that can prevent them from fogging up.

As glasses wearer, you’ve probably found yourself in situations where your glasses were completely distording your vision.

By reducing the surface tension of the water on your lenses, the detergents in shaving foam stop water from forming lots of little droplets and creates a film that you can see through a lot better.


Keep Your Glasses Clean - Toothpaste
Teeth are not the only one to benefit from it 😀

Never underestimate toothpaste again!!! By applying a pea-sized amount of a non-abrasive toothpaste to your lenses, you can buff away most light scratches with a cotton ball or some other gentle material by gently rubbing the affected area in small circles until the scratch is gone.

Of course all of these techniques are just life savers if you find yourself in a situation where you can not have more appropriate tools at hand. So use them cautiously tough!

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